Welcome To DoDepict

DoDepict lets you create your perfect picture in seconds by dragging and dropping images onto a canvas. DoDepict provides thousands of images for you to choose from, or you can upload and cut out your own!

We have created all the tools you need to design your perfect picture. Check the Walkthrough Section for step-by-step instructions. Once you have finished you can save you picture to your gallery and share it with the world via the integrated social media tools.

What is DoDepict used for?

Your imagination is the limit! We have built some cool tools to make sure you can make unique, interesting or funny pictures! Dodepict is, amongst other things, a Meme Generator, a Keep Calm and Carry On maker, fake newspaper generator, e-card maker and comic strip designer all rolled into one and then put on steroids.

DoDepict can be used to visualise your Twitter and Facebook updates, profile pictures and background images. Perhaps you write a blog and want to be able to add unique pictures to your post. Or DoDepict can be used to just make funny pictures to be shared by friends (our Cut'n'Drag tool means you can add your, or a friend's face to any of our images!)

Our story began when we decided we wanted to create a fun way to visualise social media updates.

Did you know that including a picture with your tweet increases the retweet rate by 150%?

On Facebook, updates with images get 54% more likes than text-based updates.

So DoDepict set out to provide an easy way to visualise social media updates, but that was just the start. We soon realised that DoDepict can be used for so much more!

Our system allows you to create images for anything, you might want to have a desktop background, create some images to go on a blog post, you might want to email someone an image for a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday.

Our Vision

Our main goal is to produce a website that will provide you with all the tools you need to make images that you want. We will not stop developing our system until you have everything you need to make your perfect picture or image. The overall aim is to ensure that the only thing that sets a limit on what you can achieve is your imagination!

Tutorial Videos

We've made a couple of videos to show you how DoDepict works. Click on the video icons to watch.

Help and Support

Please check Walkthrough Section where we have shown you how to make an image. If you have questions about the way DoDepict works, you can submit support requests via our Twitter account or by sending us a quick email to dodepict[at]dodepict[dot]com.

DoDepict lets you create original illustrations, comics and memes for your social media updates and blog posts.

The middle part of the web app is called the canvas. This is where the magic happens! You place images on canvas by dragging-and-dropping them from the Category menu or the Search menu.

Although you can play a little bit first, you will need to create an account to make the most of your DoDepict experience. Creating an account is free and only takes a few seconds. Just click Register and choose the preferred option.

The Category Menu is on the left-hand side from the canvas. It contains thousands of images that you can use to combine your own artwork. Browse through the categories, drag and drop a few images to the canvas and see what you can come up with.

You can also search for images. It's under the Looking Glass icon to the right of the Category tab. Just type in a keyword and press "GO".

You can import a photo from your computer or mobile. Your photo cutouts will appear next to the "Category" and "Search" menus in the third tab.

When you place an image or photo on canvas, you can resize it by dragging one of the corner markers. If you want to resize disproportionally, press the padlock button on the toolbar.

You can move any image by clicking-and-holding it with your mouse and then dragging to the desired location.

When you've placed several images on canvas, you can select an image and send it to the background or bring it to the foreground using the arrow buttons on the toolbar.

Other toolbar buttons will help you rotate an image, flip the image horizontally or vertically, delete one or all images and add text.

Pressing the face icon on the toolbar will let you import your own photo and remix it using the ready-made images. To cut out your photo, select an image from your computer's hard drive, press Upload and place dots around the area you want to cut out. The cutouts will be placed in your personal folder next to the search icon.

Finished your image? Press the big red Share button. Then you can choose whether to send your creation to Facebook, Twitter or to your friend via email.

Now it's time you create something. Go back to the Create page.

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