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This privacy policy describes how uses, manages and protects data and information that you provide directly or indirectly when you use this website. is fully committed to ensuring privacy protection. In cases when you provide information by which you can be identified, the data will only be used in accordance with the terms outlined in this privacy policy.

1.0.0. What information is collected may collect some or all of the following information:

1.1.0. Information that you publicly display on your social network accounts

1.2.0. Contact details including your email address

1.3.0. Demographic and geolocation information

1.4.0. IP address that may identify your workstation

Providing personal information and contact details (except of the IP address) is optional up to the point when you register, accept terms and conditions and commit to using the service.

2.0.0. How is user data held and protected

2.1.0. gathers user data according to the UK Data Protection Act 1998. By agreeing to these Privacy Policy Terms you accept that potentially private data is gathered and held by us for research or marketing purposes, including marketing messages sent on behalf of carefully selected partners. will never sell, lend or use the provided data for any other purpose without explicitly obtaining a consent from the original data owner.

2.2.0. By using outside of the UK, you agree for your personal data to be transferred and held in the UK and processed according to the British legislation.

2.3.0. may use your personal information to target ads that we serve on the site but the targeting data is not transmitted to succeeding sites that you visit or ad agencies that collect data for re-marketing purposes.

2.4.0. may also use your email address to inform you about news and products by or selected partners. Only double opt-in addresses are used for such purpose and you may unsubscribe from receiving news at any time. Unsubscribing doesn't mean that we delete your email address from our system.

2.5.0. We don't knowingly gather data from individuals aged under 15 because is not recommended to be used by anyone under the age of 15.

2.6.0. All user data is kept on two secure locations:

1. the server powering the website,

2. one backup location. These locations are only accessed by employees of the company.

Personal identifiable user data will never be shared, sold or lent to any 3rd party unless we receive a sanctioned request from police or a Government agency to assist criminal investigation involving a person using

3.0.0. How collects user data

There may be various methods used to collect data:

3.1.0. Cookies

A cookie is a small text-based datafile that is set by and saved in the private settings of your browser software on the hard drive of your device. uses cookies to provide safe and encrypted login to your account, to help you save unfinished work and to anonymously gather data about user behaviour on our site. The cookies that we set don't contain adware, trackware or viruses. Remember that the cookies are stored on your device and they are used to enhance your user experience. Our cookie policy complies with the EU Directive 2009/136/EC.

3.2.0. Through Comments

Your device's IP address is collected when you submit a comment on another user's artwork or gallery pages. The IP address is stored for security purposes and to combat offensive comments.

3.3.0. Through Online Payments

Online payments are handled by PayPal - a global payment provider with a track-record of many years of operation in compliance with data protection laws. PayPal is providing a safe and encrypted connection while you make the online payment. However, certain data is collected by this website when you place an order. This Privacy Policy doesn't govern the data collected by PayPal and you should read their Privacy Policy instead.

3.4.0. Through Newsletter Submission Forms

On some occasions may ask the visitors to subscribe to a newsletter via an online form. Subscription is optional and the level of service is not affected by your decision not to subscribe. If you choose to subscribe, we may use your private data to send out messages that may include promotional content.

4.0.0. Removal Request

If you no longer wish to use the site, you may request your data to be removed from our systems. To enable this, you must send a written request to our Business Address.

Suite 12, 12 Boscombe Spa Road, Bournemouth, BH5 1BD, Great Britain.

Such request means that we will remove your account information from all data sources and you won't be able to use the service unless you decide to register again. If you are concerned as to whether we are still holding some of your personal data after you've stopped using the service, send a written request to the address above.

If you require a written confirmation, please make sure you include a stamped and addressed envelope with sufficient postage. We won't be able to provide written confirmation without sufficient return postage.

5.0.0. How generates content

The content is mainly generated by its users by means of remixing and collaging from the raw content provided by Content is also contributed by users via comment forms and description forms.

All types of written or visual content are constantly monitored by the moderator to ensure the content complies with our Terms of Service. The users may report questionable content. Such reports are dealt with on an urgent basis but the moderator's decision as to whether to remove the content is final.

6.0.0. How links to 3rd party websites

Links to 3rd party websites are provided either by us or by registered users of Whenever you see a link and decide to follow it, you use such links entirely at your own risk. This privacy policy doesn't cover 3rd party websites.

We don't accept any responsibility for the content or behaviour of those websites. A link doesn't mean we endorse products or information contained within the 3rd party websites.

7.0.0. Copyright of this Privacy Policy

The wording used in this Privacy Policy is created and owned by You may not copy any part of this text or adapt it for use on your website or printed documentation. Individuals or companies found to do so will be served a DMCA according to the treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization.

This privacy policy was last reviewed in August 2015.

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